Wedding day is the most important days in everyone’s life. This is the happiest and best time of your life too. Apart from getting ready for it and arranging everything like Make-up, Hairdo, Mehandi artist, Dress and all, most important thing is you will be appearing in Glowing, Healthy and Radiant Perfect Skin. Here are some tips and bridal diet plan to enhance your beauty and it will help you to look gorgeous on your wedding day.

30 Days Routine Bridal Diet Plan

Morning   –        1 Cup of Green Tea

Breakfast –         1 Cup of Vegetable Salad or 1 Handful of Almonds or 1 Cup of Mixed fruits

Snack       –         2 Boiled Eggs or 1 Glass of Coconut Milk

Lunch      –         1 Cup of Mixed Vegetable Salad & 1 Cup of Brown Rice or 2 Roti & Lemon Juice/Jeera Water

Snack       –         1 Glass of Buttermilk or Soup

Dinner     –         Grilled Chicken/Fish or Grilled Vegetables

Other Health Tips:-


Say A Big NO to below items: –

Alcohol, Soda, Refined Grains, Potatoes, Red Meat, Processed Meat, Fast Food, Junk Food

Stay Happy

Stay Fit

Stay Healthy

Stay Slim and Rock on your Wedding Day!!!

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