DIY Face Mist

DIY Face Mist

Required Things 🙋
Water – 1 Cup
Rose Petals – 1/4 Cup
Lavender Oil – 1 tbsp
Spray Bottle – 1 No

Preparation Method 💁
Boil the Water well
Add Rose Petals
Leave it for 30mins
Strain the Water & Pour into a Spray Bottle
Add Lavender Oil
Mix Everything well

How to Use 🤷
Shake well the spray Bottle before every use
Just Spray it on your clean face morning or night before applying Moisturizer
Store it in Refrigerator

Benefits 💐
🌹 Hydrates your Skin
🌹 Soften & Refreshing to Skin
🌹 Tighten the Pores
🌹 Cleanse your Skin Deeply
🌹 Reduce Suntans

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