Mixed Fruit Facepack 🍉🍊🍑🍍

Mixed Fruit Facepack 🍉🍊🍑🥭🍍

Required Things ❇️
Take few pieces of Available Fruits
Raw Milk – 1 tbsp

Preparation Method 🧫
Take a Mixi Jar
Add all the fruit pieces & Blend it well
Transfer it into a small bowl
Add Raw Milk into it & Mix Everything Well

How to Use ⁉️
💆Apply this paste on Face
🕰️Leave it for 20mins
🧖Rinse Off with Lukewarm Water
🤷Repeat it Weekly to get better results

Benefits 💮
🍓Reduce Sun Tans
🍎Brighten Up Skin
🍑Tighten Pores
🍊Improves Skin Tone
🥭Removes Dullness & Gives Soft Skin
🍌Reduces the Signs of Aging

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